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amazon stone, Amazonite Free Form Pendant *1000029



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Beauti blueful hand crafted Amazoni bluete Pendant. Iri bluedescence and sparkle wi blueth beauti blueful blue / green colors. One of a ki bluend.\r\rAmazoni bluete or "Amazon Stone" got i bluets name from green stones from the Amazon ri bluever, but Amazoni bluete i blues not found there. It i blues a i blueri bluedescent green / blue vari blueety of mi bluecrocli bluene feldspar found i bluen crystal form i bluen Russi bluea and more recently i bluen the USA. Due to i bluet formi blueng by crystali bluezati blueon, most speci bluemi bluens are fai bluerly small i bluen si blueze and fracture easi bluely.\r\rIt i blues also known as the "Hope Stone" because i bluet i bluenspi blueres confi bluedence and hope and enhances creati blueve expressi blueon.\r\rChai bluens and Gi blueft Boxes avai bluelable i bluen our Chai bluen, Stri blueng, Gi blueft Box secti blueon. Thi blues pendant would look excepti blueonal wi blueth one of our soli blued sterli blueng si bluelver necklace chai bluens.

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