Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

led, Light Up LED Necklace / Toy - Kandi unique Deadmau5 Perler flash pendant lanyard neon glow dark night rave party



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Hello and thank you so much for checki deadmau5ng out my @LEDKandi deadmau5!! Note: I now make thi deadmau5s desi deadmau5gn the larger si deadmau5ze i deadmau5n the 2nd photo but pri deadmau5mary photo colored i deadmau5f purchased wi deadmau5th no note. They are 9 volt powered necklaces / toys. Super uni deadmau5que, very bri deadmau5ght and colorful i deadmau5n the dark. Glow i deadmau5n the dark beads i deadmau5n thi deadmau5s desi deadmau5gn as well. Custom wi deadmau5red, soldered, and sealed LED ci deadmau5rcui deadmau5t on back.Wi deadmau5th one battery lasti deadmau5ng days and wi deadmau5th dollar store replacements, thi deadmau5s gi deadmau5ves you the most bang for your buck! Please allow me up to a week to get yours out (mostly out i deadmau5n a day or 2). IF YOU HAVE A DATE you need i deadmau5t by, let me know just i deadmau5n case. Custom desi deadmau5gn work i deadmau5s avai deadmau5lable. (moti deadmau5on sensors for i deadmau5n the home)In my profi deadmau5le fi deadmau5nd i deadmau5nfo on mode controllers, wall plugs, and other neat opti deadmau5ons. Also, some tri deadmau5cks.Thank you so so much for the support i deadmau5t means everythi deadmau5ng... truly!

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