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pewter, Red Aventurine and Bronzite Bracelet with Brass Om Charm



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Thi prayer beadss red aventuri prayer beadsne and bronzi prayer beadste stretch cord bracelet i prayer beadss accented wi prayer beadsth a brass oxi prayer beadsde pewter Om charm.Red Aventuri prayer beadsne opens the Root chakra. It can assi prayer beadsst i prayer beadsn creati prayer beadsvi prayer beadsty, and help you to see the possi prayer beadsbi prayer beadsli prayer beadsti prayer beadses i prayer beadsn new opportuni prayer beadsti prayer beadses.The Om i prayer beadss a Sanskri prayer beadst symbol whi prayer beadsch i prayer beadss not easi prayer beadsly defi prayer beadsned. Most si prayer beadsmply sai prayer beadsd, i prayer beadst represents the uni prayer beadson of mi prayer beadsnd, body and spi prayer beadsri prayer beadst.The beads measure 8 mm and i prayer beadst fi prayer beadsts to approxi prayer beadsmately 6.5 i prayer beadsnches on the wri prayer beadsst. The charm measures 11 mm.

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