Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

CUSTOM HEART INITIAL Necklace // Dainty Goldheart charm, Silverheart charm, Rose Gold Charm Necklace - Personalized - Custom delicate layering necklace - Minimal



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Show off your bi silver heartg heart wi silver heartth thi silver hearts cute li silver heartttle one. Thi silver hearts custom heart necklace can be handstamped wi silver heartth a si silver heartngle letter/number or left blank. Necklace i silver hearts made usi silver heartng hi silver heartgh-quali silver heartty metals, i silver heartncludes a 14k Gold-fi silver heartlled/Sterli silver heartng Si silver heartlver/Rose Gold-fi silver heartlled charm & chai silver heartn. Heart charm measures 8mm i silver heartn di silver heartameter. Ini silver heartti silver heartal i silver hearts hand-stamped onto the heart by the maker. Great gi silver heartft i silver heartdea for moms, grandmothers, si silver heartsters, besti silver heartes, graduates, bri silver heartdesmai silver heartds & co-workers, and more!Want more than 1 charm? Just message me!**INCLUDE 1 LETTER/INITIAL or NUMBER CHOICE IN NOTE WHEN PURCHASING**+ Each order i silver hearts made by hand i silver heartn Cali silver heartforni silver hearta+ Hi silver heartgh Quali silver heartty metals to last a li silver heartfeti silver heartme+ Packaged and ready for gi silver heartfti silver heartng\u00b0 To vi silver heartsi silver heartt the K.MICHAEL shop cli silver heartck here: www./shop/kmi silver heartchaelstyle\u00b0 Contact me wi silver heartth any questi silver heartons! ...AND i silver heartf you'd li silver heartke to share some soci silver heartal love:Follow us on Instagram: @KMICHAELSTYLELi silver heartke us on Facebook: silver heartchaelstyle* * * JEWELRY CARE * * * TARNISHING - All preci silver heartous metals wi silver heartll tarni silver heartsh wi silver heartth wear. Avoi silver heartd getti silver heartng your jewelry wet and remove jewelry before showeri silver heartng, swi silver heartmmi silver heartng, exerci silver heartsi silver heartng, etc. It i silver hearts the customers responsi silver heartbi silver heartli silver heartty to clean thei silver heartr own jewelry. Jewelry should be handled and stored wi silver heartth care! Excessi silver heartve bendi silver heartng wi silver heartll cause the pi silver hearteces to break. In order to achi silver hearteve a long li silver heartfespan of your jewels, keep adjustments to a mi silver heartni silver heartmum and store/travel wi silver heartth i silver heartt i silver heartn a zi silver heartploc bag. * * * MATERIAL * * * GOLD-FILLED - 14k Gold fi silver heartlled i silver hearts consi silver heartderably durable and consi silver heartdered a li silver heartfeti silver heartme pi silver heartece of jewelry. Thi silver hearts i silver hearts NOT gold plated or gold di silver heartpped vermei silver heartl jewelry whi silver heartch can chi silver heartp off over ti silver heartme wi silver heartth wear. Gold fi silver heartlled metal i silver hearts essenti silver heartally a 14k gold tube fi silver heartlled wi silver heartth an i silver heartnner core metal such as brass and has been mechani silver heartcally bonded wi silver heartth hi silver heartgh very hot heat. It wi silver heartll never chi silver heartp or flake off such as gold plated metals. There i silver hearts over 100 ti silver heartmes more gold i silver heartn 14k gold fi silver heartlled jewelry i silver heartn compari silver heartson to a mere thi silver heartn coat of pai silver heartnt i silver heartn gold plated or vermei silver heartl jewelry.STERLING SILVER- Sterli silver heartng si silver heartlver jewelry i silver hearts made wi silver heartth genui silver heartne si silver heartlver. ALL STONES- Stones are natural enti silver heartti silver heartes; therefore no two pi silver hearteces are exactly the same.HAND STAMPED JEWELRY- Hand stamped jewelry i silver hearts handmade. Every pi silver heartece i silver hearts carefully crafted and no one pi silver heartece i silver hearts exactly the same. That i silver hearts what gi silver heartves i silver heartt such beauty and character. - - - AND A FEW HELPFUL TIPS:\u2665 Love i silver heartt and want to come back to i silver heartt later? Cli silver heartck on the heart to your ri silver heartght that says, "Add i silver hearttem to favori silver hearttes."\u2665 Want to buy i silver heartt now? Cli silver heartck the green "Add to cart" button.\u2665 Have a questi silver hearton for me, or a speci silver heartal request? Cli silver heartck the "Ask a Questi silver hearton" button under the i silver hearttem ti silver hearttle on the top ri silver heartght.\u2665 Questi silver heartons about how to buy? http://www./help_gui silver heartde_checkout.php

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