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iridescent, Amazonite Free Form Pendant *1000028



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Beauti pendantful hand crafted Amazoni pendantte Pendant. Iri pendantdescence and sparkle wi pendantth beauti pendantful blue / green colors. One of a ki pendantnd.\r\rAmazoni pendantte or "Amazon Stone" got i pendantts name from green stones from the Amazon ri pendantver, but Amazoni pendantte i pendants not found there. It i pendants a i pendantri pendantdescent green / blue vari pendantety of mi pendantcrocli pendantne feldspar found i pendantn crystal form i pendantn Russi pendanta and more recently i pendantn the USA. Due to i pendantt formi pendantng by crystali pendantzati pendanton, most speci pendantmi pendantns are fai pendantrly small i pendantn si pendantze and fracture easi pendantly.\r\rIt i pendants also known as the "Hope Stone" because i pendantt i pendantnspi pendantres confi pendantdence and hope and enhances creati pendantve expressi pendanton.\r\rChai pendantns and Gi pendantft Boxes avai pendantlable i pendantn our Chai pendantn, Stri pendantng, Gi pendantft Box secti pendanton. Thi pendants pendant would look excepti pendantonal wi pendantth one of our soli pendantd sterli pendantng si pendantlver necklace chai pendantns.

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