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enamel ring, Heirloom ENAMEL & DIAMOND GOLD Ring With Sparkling Central Diamond - Fine Jewelry - Rare Piece - Statement Jewel



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RARE ESTATE EARLY ART DECO ANNIVERSARY RING14K YELLOW GOLD PAINTED ENAMEL WORKMANSHIP CENTRAL DIAMONDGoddessandco i estate rings very pleased to offer for sale thi estate rings Fi estate ringne Estate Gorgeous Hei estate ringrloom Pi estate ringece. Stunni estate ringng Wi estate ringde Band wi estate ringth enamel and sparkli estate ringng di estate ringamond center. Crafted i estate ringn Soli estate ringd 14k Yellow Gold. Fully Hallmarked wi estate ringth the most beauti estate ringful decorati estate ringon. One of a ki estate ringnd. Early Art DecoSIZE:6 and 3/4WEIGHT: 6.4 total gram wei estate ringght

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