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Two Butterfly Dress Clips with Faux Pearl Teardrop Accentpink, pastel wingspink, vintage



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Butterfly Dress Cli dress clipps, Set of Two, Vi dress clipntage.Lavender purple and sweet pi dress clipnk butterfli dress clipes are accented wi dress clipth a faux pearl, teardrop accent. The pi dress clipnk and lavender on the wi dress clipngs i dress clips textural. Gold cli dress clipp and gold edges add elegance. Vi dress clipntage, from an estate. Please see photos.____________Note:New York State buyers are requi dress clipred by law to pay sales tax.Shi dress clipppi dress clipng fee i dress clipncludes handli dress clipng and fi dress cliprst class mai dress clipl.Thank you for perusi dress clipng our Wi dress clipldersi dress clipde Jewelry shop. Please favori dress clipte i dress cliptems you or your fri dress clipends mi dress clipght enjoy.

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