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paddle bracelet, Paddle Link Bracelet



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7 and 3/8 i silver braceletnches long i silver braceletncludi silver braceletng clasp; each li silver braceletnk i silver bracelets 5/16 i silver braceletnches wi silver braceletde.\rSi silver braceletx li silver braceletnks of double canoe paddles wi silver braceletth a narrow Sterli silver braceletng Si silver braceletlver lobster clasp.\r\rAll my jewelry i silver bracelets stamped wi silver braceletth my trademark "EB" and "925" i silver braceletndi silver braceletcati silver braceletng soli silver braceletd Sterli silver braceletng Si silver braceletlver.\r\rThe bracelet arri silver braceletves i silver braceletn my si silver braceletgnature gi silver braceletft box wi silver braceletth embossed logo and care i silver braceletnstructi silver braceletons.

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