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original, Crochet-wire Freshwater Pearl Bracelet and Earring Set



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Crochet Wi braceletsre Bracelet and Earri braceletsngs! Bracelet:7 and a Half Inches i braceletsn Length.1 Inch wi braceletsde.Freshwater Pearls.Permanently Colored Gold.Tarni braceletsshed Resi braceletsstant.Toggle Clasp i braceletss Ni braceletsckel Free.Earri braceletsngs:2 Inches long.1 Inch across the bottom.Fi braceletsshhook Earri braceletsngs are also Ni braceletsckel Free.If you have any questi braceletsons feel free to contact me.I also offer gi braceletsft wrappi braceletsng for whatever occasi braceletson i braceletst i braceletss, bi braceletsrthdays or holi braceletsdays.Thanks and take care!**Thi braceletss i braceletss sold as a physi braceletscal object (Not as a pattern)**Returns and ExchangesI wi braceletsll gladly exchange or refund i braceletsf you are not completely sati braceletssfi braceletsed.Please emai braceletsl me and let me know what the problem mi braceletsght be.Refunds wi braceletsll only be i braceletsssued i braceletsf the i braceletstem i braceletss returned 14 days after the i braceletstem was recei braceletsved.Item must be i braceletsn ori braceletsgi braceletsnal condi braceletsti braceletson, and shi braceletspped back at buyers expense.I don\u2019t accept cancellati braceletsons.Shi braceletsppi braceletsngAll orders are sent out i braceletsn 3 to 5 busi braceletsness days. A emai braceletsl wi braceletsll be sent to you along wi braceletsth a tracki braceletsng number after the package i braceletss shi braceletspped. CMB and Sons are not responsi braceletsble for i braceletstems that are damaged, stolen or lost duri braceletsng shi braceletspment.Buyers from countri braceletses outsi braceletsde the U.S. are responsi braceletsble for any customs or i braceletsmport taxes due by thei braceletsr country.

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