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semi precious, Awakening Lotus Flower Amazonite Necklace



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Thi beadss graceful Amazoni beadste necklace features an openi beadsng lotus si beadslver cutout flower pendant. The lotus flower has had di beadsfferent meani beadsngs throughout vari beadsous cultures. In Buddhi beadssm, the bud of the lotus symboli beadszes potenti beadsal. Despi beadste bei beadsng born i beadsnto dark, murky condi beadsti beadsons the lotus grows and ri beadsses above adversi beadsty. The lotus flower represents an awakeni beadsng, spi beadsri beadstual growth, and enli beadsghtenment. Amazoni beadste i beadss a soothi beadsng stone beli beadseved to calm the brai beadsn and nervous system. Despi beadste i beadsts calmi beadsng properti beadses and appearance, Amazoni beadste i beadss beli beadseved to have adorned the shi beadselds of the semi beads-mythi beadscal Amazoni beadsans, a formi beadsdable tri beadsbe of female warri beadsors thought to li beadsve i beadsn the 10th century B.C. They also used Amazoni beadste medi beadsci beadsnally to heal wounds and i beadsllnesses of all ki beadsnds. The conqui beadsstadors pri beadszed i beadst for adornment and i beadsts abi beadsli beadsty to be carved i beadsnto cult objects. Amazoni beadste was also worn as jewelry i beadsn pre-Columbi beadsan South and Central Ameri beadsca. It i beadss named for the Amazon Ri beadsver i beadsn Brazi beadsl and the lush jungle regi beadson surroundi beadsng i beadst where the ori beadsgi beadsnal stones were di beadsscovered. The pendant i beadss .925 si beadslver. Necklace measures 18.75 i beadsn length." The beads are 6-8 mm. Lobster claw closure for ease of use.

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