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"Love Knot" Bangle\r\rA lovely dai love knotnty sterli love knotng si love knotlver bangle featuri love knotng a real knot. Knots are often seen as symbols of love & uni love knotty, & I desi love knotgned thi love knots bangle as a ni love knotce i love knotnterpretati love knoton of that as i love knott i love knots a never endi love knotng loop.....i love knotdeal for a li love knotttle romanti love knotc gi love knotft for someone speci love knotal (or to treat yourself!)\r\rEach bangle i love knots handmade from sterli love knotng si love knotlver & the knot wi love knotll be roughly the same as i love knotn the photos but of course sli love knotght vari love knotati love knotons may occur due to the handmade nature of the product - thi love knots all adds to the charm & desi love knotgn, & makes i love knott all the more uni love knotque.\r\rSelect your si love knotze from the drop down menu..... to get a good measurement you need to measure around the wi love knotdest part of your hand wi love knotth your thumb tucked i love knotn as i love knotf putti love knotng a bangle on. It's always best to double check your measurement. If you cannot fi love knotnd a sui love knottable si love knotze please get i love knotn touch as everythi love knotng i love knots made to order so I can easi love knotly make a di love knotfferent si love knotze for you.

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