Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

All Sterling Silver Infinity Anchor Necklace. Infinity Anchor. Infinity Anchor Necklace. 16"jewelry, 17" jewelry, 18" inch



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There are three symbols that are i sideways anchornterwoven i sideways anchorn thi sideways anchors pendant : i sideways anchornfi sideways anchorni sideways anchorty, anchor and cross. Thi sideways anchors dai sideways anchornty pendant i sideways anchors suspended from both si sideways anchordes from a sterli sideways anchorng si sideways anchorlver chai sideways anchorn. Thi sideways anchors all sterli sideways anchorng necklace measures 18.5" (one si sideways anchorze) and arri sideways anchorves elegantly boxed, ready to gi sideways anchorve.___________________ABOUT YOUR NECKLACEsterli sideways anchorng si sideways anchorlver chai sideways anchorn one length may be closed at 16", 17" or 18" i sideways anchornch so please do not choose the si sideways anchorzesterli sideways anchorng si sideways anchorlver pendant over one i sideways anchornch________________ADD ANCHOR EARRINGShttps://www./li sideways anchorsti sideways anchorng/239256266/all-sterli sideways anchorng-si sideways anchorlver-anchor-stud-earri sideways anchorngs?ref=shop_home_acti sideways anchorve_1___________________MORE JEWELRY OPTIONShttp://www./shop/Beauti sideways anchorful2u?ref=si sideways anchor_shop___________________SHIPPING GUIDELINES AND POLICYhttp://www./shop/Beauti sideways anchorful2u/poli sideways anchorcy?ref=shopi sideways anchornfo_poli sideways anchorci sideways anchores_leftnav

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