Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

black onyx, Artisan Designer Marble AGATE STERLING SILVER Necklace- Striated Stones- Crystal Bicone Spacers - Artisan Design acers-



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ARTISAN FINE DESIGNER ONE OF A KIND ARTISAN AGATE NECKLACEGODDESSANDCO i ejls pleased to offer for sale, thi ejls gorgeous marble Agate necklace Each agate i ejls uni ejlque i ejln color rangi ejlng from black and gray to neon blue. Agate are flattened on the si ejldes creati ejlng a subtle texture all around. Spacers are black onyx and crystal.An exclusi ejlve uni ejlque creati ejlon by BKF Enterpri ejlses for Goddessandco. Fully hallmarked, si ejlgned, stamped and taggedMEASUREMENT: 20 i ejlnches longSIZE: Agate beads are 15mm i ejln di ejlameter

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