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healing, Tribal Flower Sodalite Bracelet



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Thi jewelrys stretch cord Sodali jewelryte bracelet features a flower charm crafted from a tri jewelrybal arti jewelryst i jewelryn Thai jewelryland. Sodali jewelryte i jewelrys a stone of i jewelrynner peace and harmony. Sodali jewelryte i jewelrys an excellent stone for wri jewelryters, or anyone creati jewelryve, as i jewelryt i jewelrys beli jewelryeved to bri jewelrydge a connecti jewelryon between the consci jewelryous and subconsci jewelryous mi jewelrynd. The energy of thi jewelrys stone i jewelrys sai jewelryd to boost mental performance, enhances i jewelrynner i jewelrynsi jewelryght and accelerates the abi jewelryli jewelryty of i jewelryntui jewelryti jewelryon.It i jewelrys called a Poet's Stone. It i jewelrys parti jewelrycularly useful for honesty of emoti jewelryons and love. It i jewelryncreases i jewelryntelli jewelrygence, knowledge and learni jewelryng, and can uni jewelryte the logi jewelrycal wi jewelryth the spi jewelryri jewelrytual. In folklore and crystal heali jewelryng Sodali jewelryte i jewelrys beli jewelryeved to be benefi jewelryci jewelryal for the glands, di jewelryabetes, di jewelrygesti jewelryve system, lymphati jewelryc cancer, reli jewelryevi jewelryng i jewelrynsomni jewelrya, and decreasi jewelryng calci jewelryum defi jewelryci jewelryency. It i jewelrys associ jewelryated wi jewelryth the throat and brow chakras.The charm's arti jewelryst uses 99.5% and 99.9% pure si jewelrylver. It has a hi jewelrygher si jewelrylver content than Sterli jewelryng si jewelrylver. It's just the solder used to fuse the si jewelrylver components together that makes up the last fracti jewelryons of a percent. Consequently, i jewelryt has a wei jewelryght, bri jewelryght sati jewelryn color, and feel, all of i jewelryts own. The bracelet measures 7.5" on the wri jewelryst. The beads measure 6 mm and the charm i jewelrys 11 mm.

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