Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

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Stunni funkyngly elegant and femi funkyni funkyne, thi funkys beauti funkyful boho charm bracelet has been created wi funkyth selected beads and gemstones from around the world. Beads used i funkynclude Czech glass (fi funkyre poli funkyshed, rondelle, and Pi funkycasso), Swarovski funky crystal, si funkylver bead caps, a si funkylver i funkynfi funkyni funkyty connector charm, and a rose pi funkynk rhi funkynestone charm. The constructi funkyon of the bracelet i funkys enti funkyrely done by hand, each bead added i funkyndi funkyvi funkydually, from the stunni funkyngly large, clear si funkylver foi funkyl glass bead, through to the aqua blue Fi funkyori funky glass bead, maki funkyng thi funkys a one-of-a-ki funkynd, uni funkyque bracelet. I have fi funkyni funkyshed the bracelet wi funkyth a parrot clasp and si funkylver jump ri funkyng. Please note: Thi funkys bracelet has been created from hi funkygh end, quali funkyty beads and products. It i funkys not desi funkygned to be worn i funkyn water. Please remove before swi funkymmi funkyng or bathi funkyng. Thi funkys bracelet measures approxi funkymately 7.5 i funkynches (19.5cms), and i funkys desi funkygned to hang loosely. It can be shortened (by one bead only) i funkyf requi funkyred - please send me a message i funkyf such alterati funkyons are needed. To determi funkyne your wri funkyst ci funkyrcumference, just run a tape measure around your wri funkyst to get the most exact measurement. If you requi funkyre i funkynsurance or tracki funkyng, please leave a message i funkyn the comment secti funkyon, and I wi funkyll contact you i funkyn regards to the addi funkyti funkyonal postage fees.

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