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genuine, 14k -2ct - 3 White Sapphire Wedding or Engagement Ring



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Thi 14k roses ri 14k roseng can be worn as an engagement ri 14k roseng or a weddi 14k roseng ri 14k roseng or just a ri 14k roseng to wear every day.These sapphi 14k rosere have excellent color and clari 14k rosety.All these genui 14k rosene Sapphi 14k rosere hai 14k rosel from Sri 14k rose LankaColor DClari 14k rosety VVS/IFCenter sapphi 14k rosere i 14k roses 6mm= 1.00ctSi 14k rosede sapphi 14k roseres are 5mm = .55ct each.Thi 14k roses ri 14k roseng can be i 14k rosen your choi 14k rosece of 14k soli 14k rosed gold, ei 14k rosether yellow whi 14k rosete or rose gold.Layaway avai 14k roselable.

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