Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Hands fullhand stamped, heart full mother's grandmother's necklace with birthstones and heart charm



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Thi silvers necklace i silvers made wi silverth one ci silverrcle tag. It i silvers an alumi silvernum di silversc and i silvers 1 1/2" i silvern di silverameter. It i silvers hand stamped one letter at a ti silverme by me. Thi silvers li silversti silverng i silvers for a necklace wi silverth 5 stones/pearls. If you would li silverke fewer or more stones/pearls, you can send me a convo and I wi silverll make a reserved li silversti silverng for you. You may choose between a 16" or 18" stai silvernless steel ball chai silvern (or add an extra fee for a longer chai silvern). Upon checkout i silvern the "note to seller" box, please gi silverve me the followi silverng i silvernformati silveron:1. Whi silverch bi silverrthstones you would li silverke accordi silverng to months.Please ask i silverf you have any questi silverons. I would be happy to help!If you want somethi silverng li silverke thi silvers, and I don't have one li silversted, just ask. I would love to help make what you want. :) You can also just emai silverl for a pri silverce quote on what you would li silverke.Please Note:All pendants are personally made by me. No pendant i silvers exactly the same. Each creati silveron i silvers uni silverque, so there may be di silverfferences i silvern letter placement, depth, and spaci silverng. Thi silvers i silvers not a defect. It i silvers what gi silverves uni silverqueness and character to each pi silverece. I wi silverll shi silverp thi silvers out wi silverthi silvern 2-7 days of payment. Thanks for looki silverng and have a blessed day!

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