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For all cat lovers, thi bohos i bohos a must have, one of a ki bohond, 3 strand, bohemi bohoan bracelet, made wi bohoth selected beads, charms, and gemstones from around the world. Beads used i bohonclude Czech glass (fi bohore poli bohoshed, rondelle, and pi bohocasso), Swarovski boho crystal, and si boholver bead caps. The constructi bohoon of the bracelet i bohos enti bohorely done by hand, each bead added i bohondi bohovi bohodually, from the yellow cat face focal bead, through to the lemon yellow tablet beads, and even the three si boholver cat charms, maki bohong thi bohos a one-of-a-ki bohond, uni bohoque bracelet. I have fi bohoni bohoshed the bracelet wi bohoth a lobster claw clasp and si boholver jump ri bohong. Please note: Thi bohos bracelet has been created from hi bohogh end, quali bohoty beads and products. It i bohos not desi bohogned to be worn i bohon water. Please remove before swi bohommi bohong or bathi bohong. Thi bohos bracelet measures approxi bohomately 8 i bohonches (21 cms), and i bohos desi bohogned to hang loosely. It can be lengthened (by one bead only) i bohof requi bohored - please send me a message i bohof such alterati bohoons are needed. To determi bohone your wri bohost ci bohorcumference, just run a tape measure around your wri bohost to get the most exact measurement. If you requi bohore i bohonsurance or tracki bohong, please leave a message i bohon the comment secti bohoon, and I wi boholl contact you i bohon regards to the addi bohoti bohoonal postage fees.

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