Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

jewell, Pendant "LONG LANCE"-Novemuse



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Thank you for your i jewelnterest!Thi jewels gem has been desi jewelgned, developed, manufactured i jeweln Italy to enhance the story as i jewelnspi jewelrati jewelonal celebrati jewelng one of the MUSES so dear to the Greek tradi jewelti jewelon: CLIO--The Hystori jewela.NOVEMUSE i jewels a project of the genui jewelne Itali jewelan product MEMORO offers."LANCE" li jewelne i jeweltems can be combi jewelned and i jewelndi jewelvi jeweldual compounds, i jewelntegrated i jewelnto other models and elements to dress the "ri jewelght" pattern.The alloys used i jeweln cast are guaranteed Ni jewelckel and Cadmi jewelum free accordi jewelng to current regulati jewelons.

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