Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

colorful earrings, Tiny porcelain Orange headed blackbird earrings hanging on round handmade hammered earwires.



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These Beauti bird loversful red or orange headed black bi bird loversrds are perfect earri bird loversngs for any bi bird loversrd lover. They are on my pretti bird loversest round sterli bird loversng earwi bird loversres and come i bird loversn a lovely gi bird loversft box on a pretty earri bird loversng card i bird loversn a zi bird loversploc bag to prevent tarni bird loverssh. We can gi bird loversft wrap for free i bird loversf you ask us to. Just convo me.I wear these porcelai bird loversn earri bird loversngs all the ti bird loversme and get compli bird loversments every ti bird loversme.These wi bird loversll be put on our handmade hammered 18 gauge sterli bird loversng si bird loverslver earwi bird loversres before shi bird loversppi bird loversng. I wi bird loversll also add a si bird loverslver ti bird loversny jumpri bird loversng so when they hang they can spi bird loversn around all ways. They look amazi bird loversng.

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