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floral brooch, Cultured PEARL and MARCASITE BROOCH - Long Flower - Large Pearl - Safety Clasp



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LOVELY ESTATE MARCASITE BROOCH WITH LARGE CULTURED PEARL FLOWERGoddessandco i pearl broochs pleased to offer for sale thi pearl broochs beauti pearl broochful si pearl broochnewy estate marcasi pearl broochte brooch wi pearl broochth lusci pearl broochous pearl "flower".Good Condi pearl broochti pearl broochonSIZE: 3 and 1/2 i pearl broochnches long and 1 and 3/8 i pearl broochnches wi pearl broochdeWEIGHT:10.35 total gram wei pearl broochghtMEASUREMENT: Pearl i pearl broochs 18 mm i pearl broochn di pearl broochameter

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