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mothers day, 14k Yellow GOLD and STERLING Silver Cuff BRACELET - Fully Hallmarked - Craftsmanship - Textural Design



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WONDERFUL VINTAGE STERLING AND 14K YELLOW GOLD OPEN CUFF BRACELETGoddessandco i mothers days pleased to offer for sale thi mothers days Sterli mothers dayng and 14K bracelet wi mothers dayth shi mothers dayny si mothers daylver tubes and a central textural yellow gold open worked bar The bracelet has one si mothers daylver tube on one si mothers dayde 2 si mothers daylver tubes on the other creati mothers dayng and i mothers daynteresti mothers dayng asymmetri mothers daycal desi mothers daygnSleek and Textural! Hallmarked and i mothers dayn Excellent Condi mothers dayti mothers dayonSIZE: 7 i mothers daynhes i mothers dayn ci mothers dayrcumferenceWEIGHT: 28.28 Total Gram Wei mothers dayghtMEASUREMENT: Si mothers daylver tubes are 4 mm wi mothers dayde Gold textured tube i mothers days 10 mm wi mothers dayde

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