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goddess god, Tree of life 6 x 9 scrap book of shadows witch journal spells moon



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Thi goddess gods i goddess gods a 6x9 book, has a pen or penci goddess godl holder and holes to put a lock through! These books are made from reclai goddess godmed wood and the wood i goddess godtself has some i goddess godmperfecti goddess godons. The desi goddess godgn i goddess gods burned i goddess godnto the wood by hand. All Journals are sealed for protecti goddess godon , fi goddess godni goddess godshed i goddess godn natural color of the wood. Thi goddess gods book i goddess godncludes paper. The book has two faux leather hand desi goddess godgned hi goddess godnges on front and back covers. There are TWO bi goddess godndi goddess godng post for maki goddess godng your journal bi goddess godgger i goddess godf needed, or to add or remove pages. Mi goddess godnor alterati goddess godons are made to every pi goddess godcture to keep i goddess godts one of a ki goddess godnd i goddess godntegri goddess godty. I can also add names or i goddess godni goddess godti goddess godals, for a mi goddess godnor fee. These Journals, B.O.S, or scrapbooks wi goddess godll be Hei goddess godrlooms, and collecti goddess godbles that wi goddess godll be passed down for generati goddess godons. I love maki goddess godng Custom Journals. I can also create speci goddess godal desi goddess godgns of your choi goddess godce. ( Must be pre-pai goddess godd) I have many desi goddess godgns already created and i goddess godf you would li goddess godke to see a li goddess godsti goddess godng wi goddess godth pi goddess godctures you can emai goddess godl me at Gaea_moon [!at] Have any questi goddess godons? Please contact me at 407-792-9227 ,leave a message and I wi goddess godll promptly respond, or use the emai goddess godl li goddess godsted above.

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