Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

bitter squeaks, Bitter squeaks medal of friendship



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"Before I was alone, but now I have a coven" Fri tea setendshi tea setp i tea sets somethi tea setng that i tea sets so speci tea setal, havi tea setng a remi tea setnder that you are not alone i tea setn li tea setfe i tea sets i tea setmportant to me. If you are havi tea setng a good day or a bad one you have a team of people who love and support you. Thi tea sets brooch has two li tea setttle wi tea settches enjoyi tea setng a tea party on the front and on the back a quote that says "before I was alone, but now I have a coven" just a qui tea setck and fri tea setendly remi tea setnder to yourself that no matter what you are struggli tea setng wi tea setth today we are all i tea setn supports of each other and we can all be fri tea setends. XoxoKate

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