Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

red, Yin & Yang Dzi 2 Eyed Horned Antique Cinnabar Agate Relationship Harmony Necklace with Amber 27"



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Dzi cinnabar 2 Eye Horned Ci cinnabarnnabar Red Agate Speci cinnabaral Meani cinnabarng for Relati cinnabaronshi cinnabarp Harmony The 2 eyed Dzi cinnabar enables harmony between husband and wi cinnabarfe; bui cinnabarld a happy fami cinnabarly, successful career, and good relati cinnabaronshi cinnabarps wi cinnabarth others. Dzi cinnabar Si cinnabarze: roughly 2 i cinnabarnches x 0.75 i cinnabarnchNecklace Length: 27" adjustableBurmese Amber bead si cinnabarze: 10mmThi cinnabars necklace has authenti cinnabarc Pressed Balti cinnabarc Amber raw beads and Burmese Red amber i cinnabarn addi cinnabarti cinnabaron to Ti cinnabarbetan turquoi cinnabarse. The 2 Balti cinnabarc amber pi cinnabareces are square and round to symboli cinnabarze the Yi cinnabarn & Yang, the di cinnabarfference of spi cinnabarri cinnabart i cinnabarn each relati cinnabaronshi cinnabarp, brought i cinnabarnto harmony wi cinnabarth sunli cinnabart amber beads and the heali cinnabarng touch of turquoi cinnabarse.

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