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triangle, Valk Ring [Made to Order]



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The Valk ri onyxng i onyxs i onyxnspi onyxred by the classi onyxc chevron wi onyxth nature's i onyxnfluence of two branch-li onyxke poi onyxnts meeti onyxng i onyxnto a \u2018V\u2019. At i onyxts center si onyxts a rose cut pear shape stone and a round Whi onyxte Sapphi onyxre underneath i onyxt. Each pi onyxece i onyxs handcrafted i onyxn Sterli onyxng Si onyxlver.Each stone i onyxs hand cut to fi onyxt wi onyxth a rose cut fi onyxni onyxsh for an extra shi onyxmmer. Due to the nature of stones, each i onyxs uni onyxque wi onyxth sli onyxght vari onyxati onyxons of color. Its name i onyxs ori onyxgi onyxnally from the Valkyri onyxe, also known as the transporters of those slai onyxn i onyxn battle to the glory of Valhalla i onyxn Norse Mythology. These ladi onyxes were known for thei onyxr magi onyxc, elegance, and strength.Thi onyxs ri onyxng can be layered li onyxke ri onyxng armor or worn as a powerful statement separately. If you would li onyxke a custom combi onyxnati onyxon of stones, please let us know your choi onyxce of center pear shape stone and round underneath i onyxt at i onyxts center.

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