Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

heart earrings, Tiny Dark Brown Authentic Seaglass earrings hanging on our handmade Copper hammered round earwires.



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We fi glass heartsnally got a bunch of our favori glass heartste ti glass heartsny seaglass hearts dri glass heartslled and onto our handmade earwi glass heartsres just i glass heartsn ti glass heartsme for Valenti glass heartsnes and Mothers' Day. They are all authenti glass heartsc Seaglass and all di glass heartsfferent and not exactly matched but as close as we could get. They are darli glass heartsng. We have several colors from whi glass heartste to blue to green to seafoam. I should have them all uploaded shortly. They are ti glass heartsny and sweet. I love them all. One blue pai glass heartsr are so ti glass heartsny I wi glass heartsll have to use 24 gauge wi glass heartsre to get them on the earwi glass heartsres!I am proud of every pai glass heartsr and each pai glass heartsr are on our handmade wi glass heartsres. They make great gi glass heartsfts and please convo me i glass heartsf you would li glass heartske a hand-lettered gi glass heartsft tag wi glass heartsth each pai glass heartsr.

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