Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

glass hearts, Teeny Tiny Cobalt Blue Authentic Seaglass heart shaped earrings hanging on our handmade 14 K gold filled hammered round earwires.



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We fi tiny heartsnally got a bunch of our favori tiny heartste ti tiny heartsny seaglass hearts dri tiny heartslled and onto our handmade earwi tiny heartsres just i tiny heartsn ti tiny heartsme for Valenti tiny heartsnes and Mothers' Day. They are all authenti tiny heartsc Seaglass and all di tiny heartsfferent and not exactly matched but as close as we could get. They are darli tiny heartsng. We have several colors from whi tiny heartste to blue to green to seafoam. I should have them all uploaded shortly. They are ti tiny heartsny and sweet. I love them all. One blue pai tiny heartsr are so ti tiny heartsny I wi tiny heartsll have to use 24 gauge wi tiny heartsre to get them on the earwi tiny heartsres!I am proud of every pai tiny heartsr and each pai tiny heartsr are on our handmade wi tiny heartsres. They make great gi tiny heartsfts and please convo me i tiny heartsf you would li tiny heartske a hand-lettered gi tiny heartsft tag wi tiny heartsth each pai tiny heartsr.Thi tiny heartss parti tiny heartscular pai tiny heartsr i tiny heartss di tiny heartsfferent because they are smaller than the other pai tiny heartsrs by qui tiny heartste a bi tiny heartst. I managed to get a ti tiny heartsny matchi tiny heartsng gold jump ri tiny heartsng on them but was unable to attach an ear wi tiny heartsre, so I used some very fi tiny heartsne 24 gauge wi tiny heartsre and I wi tiny heartsre wrapped the hearts to the ear wi tiny heartsres that way and i tiny heartst looked cute. I couldn't beli tiny heartseve my bi tiny heartsg fi tiny heartsngers and tools let me do i tiny heartst, but i tiny heartst worked and looked so cute, I wi tiny heartsll even try my techni tiny heartsque agai tiny heartsn someti tiny heartsme! These are very deli tiny heartscate and need to be handled wi tiny heartsth care so as not to di tiny heartssturb the earri tiny heartsng too much. I would defi tiny heartsni tiny heartstely store these earri tiny heartsngs as they come: In the Zi tiny heartsploc bag i tiny heartsnsi tiny heartsde the box. Do not let small chi tiny heartsldren play wi tiny heartsth them, or they wi tiny heartsll be damage and need to be repai tiny heartsred soon! They are adorable but a bi tiny heartst fragi tiny heartsle because of the ti tiny heartsny wi tiny heartsre. They certai tiny heartsnly can be handled and banged around a bi tiny heartst wi tiny heartsthout fear of wrecki tiny heartsng them!

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