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black, Black Opal Pendant



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Black Opal as a pendantDetai opal pendantls:Pendant 16 x 8 x 5 mm, multi opal pendantcolor fi opal pendantreBlack opal 11 x 8 x 5 mm925 si opal pendantlver, solderedAffi opal pendantrmati opal pendanton:- li opal pendantght- Enjoyment of li opal pendantfe- Personali opal pendantty development- achi opal pendanteve li opal pendantfe wi opal pendantshes- sereni opal pendantty- creati opal pendantvi opal pendantty- wi opal pendantll to li opal pendantve- Agai opal pendantnst i opal pendantnhi opal pendantbi opal pendantti opal pendantons, depressi opal pendanton, anxi opal pendantety- Joy- clari opal pendantty- i opal pendantntui opal pendantti opal pendanton- fountai opal pendantn of youth

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