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star, Christmas tree decorations-coloured stars



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Chri starstmas tree decorati starons-coloured starsWeatherproof for i starndoor and outdoor.wi starll be more or less li starke 4 pi stareces needed please contact me.Average about: 100 mm-wi stardth approx: 10 mmColor: RedAlso avai starlable i starn other colours-Please speci starfy your desi starred colour tone when you place your order.The i starnformati staron on the ri starght of wi starthdrawal, the i starmpri starnt, the GTC and the Data protecti staron declarati staronUnder the button below, "Read more about Terms & Condi starti starons & Revocati staron i starnstructi staron for ... (patri starck11091986). "

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