Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, Ametrincollier-Gemstone Necklace



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A very ni jewelryce Ametri jewelryncolli jewelryer presents i jewelrytself here. The combi jewelrynati jewelryon of very clear, faceted Ametri jewelryne i jewelryn li jewelrylac to yellow green wi jewelryth li jewelrylac amethysts i jewelryn sterli jewelryng si jewelrylver. Sterli jewelryng Si jewelrylver Beads round off the necklace. The necklace sparkles at every step of i jewelryts wearer. We closed i jewelryt wi jewelryth a sterli jewelryng si jewelrylver carabi jewelryner.Thi jewelrys uni jewelryque pi jewelryece has a length of approx. 43-47 cm, i jewelryt can not be extendedFaceted ametri jewelryne i jewelryn ai jewelryrly to yellow-green, about 2x 6 mmFly-colored amethysts, wrapped i jewelryn sterli jewelryng si jewelrylver, about 3 x 6 mm

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