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amber jewelry, Baltic Gold designer Amber Silver necklace



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A true beauty presents i amber necklacetself here. Honey-brown amber crescents were combi amber necklacened wi amber necklaceth fi amber necklacene whi amber necklacete freshwater zuchtperlen and i amber necklacen the mi amber necklaceddle a sterli amber necklaceng si amber necklacelver pendant. The pendant i amber necklaces matted wi amber necklaceth glossy poli amber necklaceshed edges and webs. The amber i amber necklaces genui amber necklacene and glows gorgeously. Thi amber necklaces uni amber necklaceque pi amber necklaceece i amber necklaces closed wi amber necklaceth a sterli amber necklaceng si amber necklacelver hook buckle. The necklace always falls ni amber necklacecely around the neck.Chai amber necklacen length approx. 48 cmAmber, Honey Brown from approx. 15-20 mmBreedi amber necklaceng beads whi amber necklacete approx. 3-4 mmSi amber necklacelver pendant, 925 matt and shi amber necklaceny approx. 30 mm

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