Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

set, Set-Lapis Lazuli & Labradorite-Valentine's Day!



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A jewelryset made of necklace, bracelet and earri setngs i sets presented here. Combi setned were dark blue Lapi sets Lazuli setschei setben wi setth blue-yellow opalescent li setght grey Labradori settperlen. Dependi setng on the i setnci setdence of li setght, the labradori sette di setscreetly i setllumi setnates between the Lapi sets Lazuli set. Thi sets set i sets deli setvered i setn a hi setgh-quali setty case. The caps are made of sterli setng si setlver.Chai setn length approx. 47-51 cmBracelet length approx. 21 cmThese lengths can be changed free of charge.Labradori sette pearls, grey, about 5 mmLapi sets lazuli set, dark blue, about 2 x 6 mmLabradori sette drops, grey, about 12 mm

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