Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

amazonite, Amazonit & SWZ-Chain with earrings



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All pri beadsces are total pri beadsces; No VAT card as small busi beadsness owners.For collecti beadsve orders please note on the Shop home page!Convenuously shaped Amazoni beadste alternates wi beadsth freshwater farmed pearls and si beadslver-plated i beadsntermedi beadsate pearls i beadsn thi beadss chai beadsn.Fi beadstti beadsngly, there are the Amazoni beadste earri beadsngs wi beadsth 925-si beadslver protesters.The hook closure i beadss made of si beadslver-plated copper.Length i beadsncl. closure: 48 cmAmazon pearls: About 12 x 8 mmLength of earri beadsngs i beadsncludi beadsng Bri beadssuren: 37 mm!!! Please note the di beadsmensi beadsons-low color devi beadsati beadsons are possi beadsble as a result of di beadsfferent screen resoluti beadsons!!!I assume the name of the materi beadsal from my purchasi beadsng sources-I cannot gi beadsve a guarantee, si beadsnce I am nei beadsther a jeweller nor a mi beadsneralogi beadsst.

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