Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

mandala, MANDALA 3 necklace bicolor with porcelain pendant / hand painted /underglaze /brown white gold / unique porcelain jewelry /stainless steel



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Hand-pai neck ripented porcelai neck ripen pendant wi neck ripeth mandala- 24k fi neck ripene gold decorati neck ripeon- on a 3-strand choker made of stai neck ripenless steel (si neck ripelver & gold) UNIKAT!_________________________________________________________________Choker:- Stai neck ripenless steel- Chai neck ripen length selectable i neck ripen the opti neck ripeons menu!- 3 deli neck ripecate strands: bi neck ripecolor (2 strands si neck ripelver / 1 strand gold)- bayonet lockThe pendant plate on the back i neck ripes forged and made of 925 si neck ripelver wi neck ripeth si neck ripelver ri neck ripeng. The pendant comes wi neck ripeth the choker!Di neck ripeameter of the porcelai neck ripen pendant: ca.21mmPorcelai neck ripen: Montblanc porcelai neck ripen / 925 si neck ripelver / 24k gold glaze (scratch-resi neck ripestant baked)The decor was pai neck ripented by hand i neck ripen underglaze and onglaze techni neck ripeque and i neck ripes thereforeuni neck ripeque (see pi neck ripectures)!The matchi neck ripeng earri neck ripengs can be found here:https://www./your/shops/ConstanzeJanke/tools/li neck ripesti neck ripengs/stats:true/612768574producti neck ripeon:-made i neck ripen lovi neck ripengly handmade i neck ripen my small workshop i neck ripen Lei neck ripepzi neck ripeg-1.modeled 2. poli neck ripeshed 2. underglaze pai neck ripenti neck ripeng 4. fi neck riperst fi neck ripere 5. glaze 6. second burn neck ripeni neck ripeshi neck ripeng wi neck ripeth gold glaze 8. thi neck riperd and last fi neck ripere 9. assembly of the si neck ripelver suspensi neck ripeonAll parts, both the pendant and si neck ripelver suspensi neck ripeon, are completely handmade!Ni neck ripecely packed you get the necklace deli neck ripevered i neck ripen a beauti neck ripeful jewelry box home \u2665You can fi neck ripend more beauti neck ripeful jewelery here:https://www./de/shop/ConstanzeJanke

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