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for the boss, Knife Silver And Amber



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KNIFE FOR PAPER - si handmadelver pr. 875 of the amber shade of cognac i handmaden a wooden tray strapped wi handmadeth leather straps i handmades an elegant gi handmadeft for the presi handmadedent, di handmaderector, boss, boss and for all lovers of exclusi handmadeve i handmadetems of dai handmadely use.Producti handmadeon of uni handmadeque, handmade and desi handmadegn. Di handmademensi handmadeons Amber i handmades 30/16 mm, overall di handmademensi handmadeon 142 mm blade, blade si handmadeze of 74 mm length, 11 mm wi handmadedth, wei handmadeght 24.8 g. The product i handmades uni handmadeque, commer- made and desi handmadegn.We take a look at the other products on the www.wasi handmadeewi

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