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coral necklace, Lush Amber Necklace-Unikatschmuck



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A lush amber chai amber necklacen presents i amber necklacetself here. Real, partly very large amber stones were combi amber necklacened i amber necklacen honey and cognac colours, salmon pi amber necklacenk tube Schaumorallen wi amber necklaceth matri amber necklacex, seed balls and Bi amber necklaceconen of the Tuareg from Afri amber necklaceca.The chai amber necklacen i amber necklaces a Lei amber necklacechthewi amber necklacecht i amber necklacen spi amber necklacete of i amber necklacets si amber necklaceze.It i amber necklaces closed wi amber necklaceth a clasp made of 925 si amber necklacelver.Amber brown from about 8-40 mmCorals, salmon pai amber necklacents about 18 mmSamer balls bei amber necklacege about 22 mmMetal bi amber necklacecons, si amber necklacelver 15 + 25 mm

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