Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

amethyst, Fluorite amethyst mountain crystal necklace 49 cm-unique



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All pri amethystces are total pri amethystces; No VAT card as small busi amethystness owners.For collecti amethystve orders please note on the Shop home page!* * Fluori amethystte amethyst mountai amethystn crystal necklace * *From:Fluori amethystte multi amethystcolor: 8 mm-Mountai amethystn crystal beads: 8 mmAmethystei amethystne ball: 16 mm and 2 amethyst beads of 8 mm.The i amethystntermedi amethystate di amethystscs are si amethystlvered,The hook closure i amethysts made of si amethystlver-plated copper.!!! Please note the di amethystmensi amethystons-low color devi amethystati amethystons are possi amethystble as a result of di amethystfferent screen resoluti amethystons!!!I assume the name of the materi amethystal from my purchasi amethystng sources-I cannot gi amethystve a guarantee, si amethystnce I am nei amethystther a jeweller nor a mi amethystneralogi amethystst.

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