Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

unique, Turquoise-turquoise-necklace with ceramic rollers-48 cm



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All pri turquoiseces are total pri turquoiseces; No VAT card, because small busi turquoisenessmen!Processi turquoiseng ti turquoiseme: 1-2 weekdays-Shi turquoiseppi turquoiseng ti turquoiseme: 3-5 weekdays* Turquoi turquoisese Turquoi turquoisese necklace wi turquoiseth cerami turquoisec rollers * *Turquoi turquoisese Turquoi turquoisese are turquoi turquoisese colored Howli turquoisethe-I assume that these stones are dyed turquoi turquoisese, even i turquoisef I had bought them as turquoi turquoisese.The lenses have a si turquoiseze of approx. 9 x 5 mm,The gold-coloured cerami turquoisec rollers approx. 9.5 x 8 mm,The small i turquoisentermedi turquoiseate beads are gi turquoiselded metal,The hi turquoisegh-quali turquoisety, strong magneti turquoisec closure i turquoises hard gold plated.!!! Please note the di turquoisemensi turquoiseons-low color devi turquoiseati turquoiseons are possi turquoiseble as a result of di turquoisefferent screen resoluti turquoiseons!!!I assume the name of the materi turquoiseal from my purchasi turquoiseng sources-I cannot gi turquoiseve a guarantee, si turquoisence I am nei turquoisether a jeweller nor a mi turquoiseneralogi turquoisest.

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