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baptism gift, Baby Bracelet "Cloud Happiness" Leather



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Baby bracelet wi gift babyth a lot of love to 100% handmade at my goldsmi gift babyth's table i gift babyn si gift babylver 925 and sewn nappa leather - avai gift babylable i gift babyn di gift babyfferent colors.Names and fonts can be customi gift babyzed. My baby bracelets are absolutely uni gift babyque.I can gladly add a symbol behi gift babynd or i gift babyn front of the names (heart small, heart bi gift babyg, star small, star bi gift babyg) - please i gift babynclude when orderi gift babyngPLEASE SPECIFY WHEN ORDERING:- Name- Font 1.2 or 3- Si gift babyze (see di gift babyrecti gift babyonal table)- Color"Anyone who says that there are seven mi gift babyracles i gift babyn thi gift babys world has never experi gift babyenced the bi gift babyrth of a chi gift babyld. Anyone who says wealth i gift babys everythi gift babyng has never seen a chi gift babyld smi gift babyle. Anyone who says that thi gift babys world can no longer be saved has forgotten that chi gift babyldren mean hope." (Honor\u00e9 de Balzac)Very speci gift babyal bracelets for very speci gift babyal li gift babyttle earth ci gift babyti gift babyzens.Super beauti gift babyful as bapti gift babysmal gi gift babyfts and absolutely uni gift babyque. The bracelets are lovi gift babyngly handcrafted i gift babyn our small goldsmi gift babyth's workshop, they are personali gift babyzed and desi gift babygned especi gift babyally for you accordi gift babyng to your wi gift babyshes. Each i gift babyndi gift babyvi gift babydual cloud i gift babys sawn out especi gift babyally for you and ni gift babycely rounded, so that there are no corners and edges on the bracelet that could hurt the deli gift babycate baby ski gift babyn. Dependi gift babyng on the length of the name, the cloud i gift babys also adapted, because we do not work wi gift babyth any casti gift babyng models or fi gift babyni gift babyshed templates.We work wi gift babyth hi gift babygh-quali gift babyty materi gift babyals, exclusi gift babyvely wi gift babyth preci gift babyous metals, such as si gift babylver 925.Attenti gift babyon!Small parts on arm and necklaces can be swallowed, there i gift babys a ri gift babysk of suffocati gift babyon.Never leave your chi gift babyld unattended i gift babyf they are weari gift babyng a pi gift babyece of jewelry. Please note - Chai gift babyns and bracelets are made i gift babyn such a way that they loosen themselves i gift babyn case of emergency.I accept no li gift babyabi gift babyli gift babyty for color devi gift babyati gift babyons due to vari gift babyous screen adjustments!

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