Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

charm, 5 Angel Pendant Rhinestone Gold color selection



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* * Enchanti beadsng charms-guardi beadsan angel pendant-charms-Pearl Angel * ** *-Lucky Angels-Small Gi beadsfts for speci beadsal occasi beadsons * *Li beadsttle Guardi beadsan Angel who i beadss to protect us * * from our ways * *.The Li beadsttle guardi beadsan angel should protect us from dangers and comfort when we are sad.* * a wonderful gi beadsft * * For a person you love or for yourself.** 5 hand-made guardi beadsan angel *Avai beadslable i beadsn di beadsfferent coloursAlso for decorati beadson forGuest Gi beadsfts/table cards sui beadstable.* * Enchanti beadsng li beadsttle lucky charm for everyday li beadsttle luck * *The Angel pendant can be * * i beadsnstalled * almost anywhere *, be i beadst the ki beadsndergarten bag, the mobi beadsle phone, penci beadsl, purse, i beadsn the car to put a guardi beadsan angel on the si beadsde of the reci beadspi beadsent.The * * Pearls for the angel we deli beadsver * * i beadsn thi beadss offer i beadsn color: sorted by colourPersonali beadszati beadson Opti beadsonsIf no color wi beadsshes are menti beadsoned, you wi beadsll recei beadsve the angel i beadsnA Farbenmi beadsx* * Method of manufacture * *The Angel pendant consi beadssts ofGlass wax beads, other materi beadsal: wi beadsre, metal alloy i beadsn gold-coloured* * Si beadsze/Di beadsmensi beadsons/wei beadsght * *Fi beadsni beadsshed lucky charm i beadss 3.5 cm

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