Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

sensory toy, T O D D L E R • N E C K L A C E



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These si toddler necklaceli toddler necklacecone beaded necklaces are perfect for both the teethi toddler necklaceng toddler and/or chi toddler necklaceldren wi toddler necklaceth sensory i toddler necklacessues / auti toddler necklacesm / ADHD. Beads are BPA-free food-grade si toddler necklaceli toddler necklacecone maki toddler necklaceng them safe to bi toddler necklacete on and i toddler necklacedeal for soothi toddler necklaceng swollen teethi toddler necklaceng gums. Keep i toddler necklacen the fri toddler necklacedge for extra soothi toddler necklaceng.These beaded necklaces also provi toddler necklacede chi toddler necklaceldren wi toddler necklaceth somethi toddler necklaceng to busy themselves wi toddler necklaceth, whi toddler necklacech can help curb fi toddler necklacedgeti toddler necklaceng habi toddler necklacets i toddler necklacencludi toddler necklaceng nai toddler necklacel bi toddler necklaceti toddler necklaceng, hand fi toddler necklacedgeti toddler necklaceng, sucki toddler necklaceng and/or chewi toddler necklaceng on clothi toddler necklaceng / hai toddler necklacer / nai toddler necklacels / sleeves / penci toddler necklacels / erasers etc.** AFFORDABLE, comfortable to wear, EASY TO CLEAN, SAFE for toddler and chi toddler necklaceldren to chew, and only have beads along the front to help avoi toddler necklaced di toddler necklacescomfort when beads tug at hai toddler necklacer.These necklaces come i toddler necklacen two si toddler necklacezesToddler si toddler necklaceze measures approx 19 i toddler necklacenches (48 cm) along enti toddler necklacere length.Chi toddler necklaceld si toddler necklaceze measures approx 22 i toddler necklacenches ( cm) along enti toddler necklacere length (addi toddler necklaceti toddler necklaceonal beads are used).Looki toddler necklaceng for longer or shorter? I'm happy to customi toddler necklacese length :-)LOOKING FOR a di toddler necklacefferent colour necklace? leave a comment for me i toddler necklacen the "Message for Seller" secti toddler necklaceon or just message my shop and I wi toddler necklacell desi toddler necklacegn a necklace style for you. I currently have a very qui toddler necklaceck turn-around ti toddler necklaceme and often provi toddler necklacede next day shi toddler necklaceppi toddler necklaceng.Thi toddler necklaces i toddler necklacetem i toddler necklaces handmade and as such may vary sli toddler necklaceghtly i toddler necklacen length and bead placement. Colours may appear di toddler necklacefferent on your screen than i toddler necklacen person due to i toddler necklacendi toddler necklacevi toddler necklacedual screen/moni toddler necklacetor setti toddler necklacengs.

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