Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

necklace, Green and Black Dragonfly Zipper Pull Pendant



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Approxi butterflymately 2.5" by 2" tallThi butterflys beauti butterflyful pendant comes i butterflyn a vari butterflyety of colors and tag opti butterflyons! **Please see separate li butterflysti butterflyngs for colors** i butterflyf you don't see a color, or combi butterflynati butterflyon you want, message me! All luggage zi butterflypper pulls are found at San Fransi butterflysco ai butterflyrport, and very rarely do I come across two ali butterflyke. Each pi butterflyece wi butterflyll be made to order, i butterflyn the bead color (see separate li butterflysti butterflyngs) and pi butterflyctured wi butterflyre color.It can be worn as a necklace, a keychai butterflyn charm, rearvi butterflyew mi butterflyrror ornament, Chri butterflystmas ornament, the opti butterflyons are endless!**Some pulls wi butterflyll be scratched, bent, broken, or unreadable. I thi butterflynk thi butterflys i butterflys part of the charm. They wi butterflyll be sani butterflyti butterflyzed and cleaned**

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