Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

ghana, Howlith Collier with brass beads from Ghana-50 cm-unique



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All pri uniqueces are total pri uniqueces; No VAT card as small busi uniqueness owners.For collecti uniqueve orders please note on the Shop home page!Colli uniqueer from howli uniqueth di uniquescs and handmade brass beads from GhanaHowli uniqueth sli uniqueces: About 16 mm i uniquen di uniquefferent thi uniqueckness (about 2-3 mm),3 brass pearls from Ghana of about 20 mm(Each pearl i uniques made i uniquendi uniquevi uniquedually by pai uniquenstaki uniqueng by yellow casti uniqueng, has an i uniquendi uniquevi uniquedual shape and si uniqueze)Intermedi uniqueate beads: Bronze 5 mmHook closure: 925 si uniquelver, gold plated* * The chai uniquen i uniques very heavy-about 200g * *!!! Please note the measurements-sli uniqueght colour devi uniqueati uniqueons are possi uniqueble due to di uniquefferent screen resoluti uniqueon!!! _I assume the name of the materi uniqueal from my purchasi uniqueng sources-I cannot gi uniqueve a guarantee, si uniquence I am nei uniquether a jeweller nor a mi uniqueneralogi uniquest.

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