Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Beautiful Dark stone Cairn keychain on silver keyfobdrilled stones, great for gifts or for car keys or house keys.



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These very cool keychai handmade keychainsns are made from stones and seaglass I have collected and dri handmade keychainslled and put on these sturdy keychai handmade keychainsns my fri handmade keychainsend found me i handmade keychainsn Chi handmade keychainscago and shi handmade keychainspped to me. I love them and they are perfect for these adorable keychai handmade keychainsns. My fri handmade keychainsend made me one herself and I use one for my truck keys and I love i handmade keychainst so much I had to make some for the shop. These are my fi handmade keychainsrst ones. I wi handmade keychainsll be addi handmade keychainsng seaglass soon, but I have to dri handmade keychainsll the seaglass a bi handmade keychainst larger to fi handmade keychainst the keyfobs. So ri handmade keychainsght now they are just made of stones. I thi handmade keychainsnk they are beauti handmade keychainsful.They are not too heavy ei handmade keychainsther. I can add a bead or two i handmade keychainsf you prefer. Just let me know. I can always customi handmade keychainsze for you.

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