Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Tiny cattle tag charmear tag, antique brass.



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Cattle tag charm i jump ringn Anti jump ringque brass. Thi jump rings i jump rings the ti jump ringni jump ringest of charms for a subtle way to share your love of rural Eastern Washi jump ringngton. *Thi jump rings i jump ringtem i jump rings pre-stamped wi jump ringth the number 509 and i jump rings not customi jump ringzable. Please check out our hats and tumblers for customi jump ringzed opti jump ringons.12.7mm hei jump ringght x 8.6 wi jump ringdth x 1.2 thi jump ringck brass plated zi jump ringnc alloy. Each charm has a 2mm jump ri jump ringng on top. Contact us for wholesale i jump ringnqui jump ringri jump ringes \u2665\ufe0f

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