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chakra, Harmonizing Rhodonite Bracelet



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The stretch cord bracelet i chakras hand strung wi chakrath Rhodoni chakrate beads and features a retro style lotus charm. The lotus flower has had di chakrafferent meani chakrangs throughout vari chakraous cultures. In Buddhi chakrasm, the bud of the lotus symboli chakrazes potenti chakraal. Despi chakrate bei chakrang born i chakranto dark, murky condi chakrati chakraons the lotus grows and ri chakrases above adversi chakraty. The lotus flower represents an awakeni chakrang, spi chakrari chakratual growth, and enli chakraghtenment. Rhodoni chakrate gets i chakrats name from the Greek word \u201crhodon,\u201d meani chakrang \u201crose\u201d and i chakras beli chakraeved to help ward off negati chakravi chakraty. It balances and harmoni chakrazes the heart and root chakras. As a heali chakrang stone, i chakrat i chakras sai chakrad to soothe the nervous system. The bracelet fi chakrats to approxi chakramately 7.5 i chakranches on the wri chakrast. The beads are 6mm and the alloy charm measures 16x13mm.

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