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semi precious stone, Peace on Earth Bracelet



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The Peace on Earth bracelet has been hand strung wi braceletth Pi braceletcture Jasper, also known as the Stone of Global Awareness, whi braceletch i bracelets well-pai braceletred wi braceletth the peace si braceletgn charm crafted by a Karen Hi braceletll Tri braceletbe arti braceletsan i braceletn Thai braceletland.Pi braceletcture Jasper has been revered i braceletn many cultures of the world for i braceletts deep connecti braceleton to the Earth and has been used to provi braceletde protecti braceleton duri braceletng shamani braceletc journeys. In addi braceletti braceleton to encouragi braceletng ecologi braceletcal awareness, i bracelett i bracelets sai braceletd to bri braceletng stabi braceletli braceletty and balance. As a nurturi braceletng and protecti braceletve stone, Pi braceletcture Jasper i bracelets beli braceleteved to help bri braceletng comfort as well as allevi braceletate fear, stress and anxi braceletety. It sti braceletmulates the root chakra, fi braceletlli braceletng your body wi braceletth groundi braceletng, spi braceletri bracelettual energy. It i bracelets often used to sti braceletmulate creati braceletve vi braceletsuali braceletzati braceleton bri braceletngi braceletng out hi braceletdden fears and therefore bri braceletngi braceletng comfort and hope. Pi braceletcture Jasper i bracelets beli braceleteved to boost to the i braceletmmune system as well as to cleanse the ki braceletdneys. The charm's arti braceletst uses 99.5% and 99.9% pure si braceletlver. It has a hi braceletgher si braceletlver content than Sterli braceletng si braceletlver. It's just the solder used to fuse the si braceletlver components together that makes up the last fracti braceletons of a percent. Consequently, i bracelett has a wei braceletght, bri braceletght sati braceletn color, and feel, all of i braceletts own. The charm measures 11mm. The beads measure 6 mm and i bracelett fi braceletts to approxi braceletmately 7 i braceletnches on the wri braceletst.

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