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Pai industrial earringr of etched si industrial earringlver plated ladder style earri industrial earringng wi industrial earringth 2 di industrial earringfferent tones of ri industrial earringngs/spacers (si industrial earringlver plated & gun metal) on a si industrial earringlver toned large jump ri industrial earringng then attached to a stai industrial earringnless steel earri industrial earringng wi industrial earringre. Made wi industrial earringth si industrial earringlver plated and si industrial earringlver tone metal components.A pai industrial earringr of metalli industrial earringc earri industrial earringngs that are set apart from the rest, not sure what you would classi industrial earringfy/categori industrial earringze them as, would look good wi industrial earringth a black, gray, dark outfi industrial earringt, or weekend wear. To me, they look tradi industrial earringti industrial earringonal, but wi industrial earringth a li industrial earringttle edge. Almost 1" i industrial earringn length at attachment poi industrial earringnt, large jump ri industrial earringng i industrial earrings about 10 mm wi industrial earringde, stai industrial earringnless steel ear wi industrial earringre i industrial earrings about 23 mm longThi industrial earrings i industrial earrings a mi industrial earringd si industrial earringze dangle/drop earri industrial earringng, about 1.60 i industrial earringnches overall. Si industrial earringzi industrial earringng i industrial earrings approxi industrial earringmate.Note: For customer safety and hygi industrial earringeni industrial earringc reasons, I do not accept returns. Please carefully select your i industrial earringtems before placi industrial earringng them i industrial earringn your cart and maki industrial earringng a fi industrial earringnal purchase.***Pri industrial earringor to shi industrial earringppi industrial earringng I wi industrial earringll attach si industrial earringli industrial earringcone stoppers to the earri industrial earringngs (where appli industrial earringcable). Then they are placed on a whi industrial earringte paper card that i industrial earrings encased wi industrial earringth clear plasti industrial earringc.***

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