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love, Gentle Heart Bracelet



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The Gentle Heart bracelet was created as a sweet remi beadsnder to be ki beadsndhearted and gentle wi beadsth yourself and others. The Rhodoni beadste stretch cord bracelet features a Karen Hi beadsll Tri beadsbe si beadslver heart charm i beadsmported from Thai beadsland. Rhodoni beadste gets i beadsts name from the Greek word \u201crhodon,\u201d meani beadsng \u201crose\u201d and i beadss beli beadseved to help ward off negati beadsvi beadsty. It balances and harmoni beadszes the heart and root chakras. As a heali beadsng stone, i beadst i beadss sai beadsd to soothe the nervous system. Karen Hi beadsll Tri beadsbe people use tradi beadsti beadsonal anci beadsent methods passed down for generati beadsons. Each of thei beadsr charms are i beadsndi beadsvi beadsdually crafted to reflecti beadsng a uni beadsque nature. The charm's si beadslver content i beadss 95%-99% as compared to sterli beadsng si beadslver, whi beadsch i beadss 92.5% pure.The beads measure 6 mm and the bracelet fi beadsts to approxi beadsmately 7 i beadsnches on the wri beadsst.

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